Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I have a few fail safe testing measures in the shop for any new knife (RC testing, cutting, edge testing, NEVER use as a pry bar test) but then I need field testing. I'm only one man, who usually works in an office, so I seek qualified testers from time to time. As luck would have it my friends (and friends of friends) contain some very qualified testers (Marines, Operators, PJ's, Sappers, CSAR) and other professional grade testers. I figure if you get paid very little for volunteering to dangerous work it should come with the occasion perk. Knives of Malta likes to offer that perk.

As someone who spends many days in the back country of Alaska hunting, and exploring I have a great admiration for the Air National Guard Combat Search and Rescue Units stationed here in Anchorage. Their motto is "So that others may live". I have made a few knives for various members of the unit and used their feedback to create this knife.
1095 HC, etched 4" blade 8.5" overall, G10 Micarta handles with aluminum tubing

 I wanted to keep the knife strong, light and with a slim profile. You can see in the picture at the right the handle is only .5" thick with most of that being hardened steel. I made the pins myself out of aluminum with .25" holes for lashing. This kept the weight down and blade forward balance. Large finger and thumb grooves were added to stop forward motion of the hand.

Bushcraft Alaskan in O1, cord wrap handle, thumb serrations, etched blade. 9" overall 4.5" blade.

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