Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Live the Dream

I moved to Alaska 13 years ago because it seemed that is where adventure still lived on the grand scale. There are those that purchase adventure by the weekend and find joy in not having to sacrifice and learn in order to build their skills. This is not me, I set out to learn all I could from those that lived the life already. Alaska is an unforgiving land that cares not if you live or perish. Nature does not take kindly to those that fail to prepare, even near civilization there are no guarantees. I got a taste for hunting the high country some years ago and it has plagued me ever since. It's addictive and the purest form of hunting that exists. This year was dedicated to the pursuit of  mountain goat. My wife volounteered to hunt with methis year and act as Sherpa. We trained all season in the mountains and I shot hundreds of rounds practicing prone and sitting mimicking field conditions with my pack. It was the hardest hunt I've ever been on  so far, and the most rewarding. I went out with 15 rounds and came home with 14 and a story. This is why I started Knives of Malta to make knives and tools that support those that make their own adventure.

Goat Hunt in the Cugach Range

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